My Top Chloe + Isabel Picks

There’s a Semi-Annual sale going on right now, and I am so excited!  I can be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to jewelry, and let’s face it, I’m a sucker for a good sale.  Continue reading below about some of my favorite pieces that are currently on sale.  (Spoiler alert: It isn’t just jewelry!)

The Positano Beach Blanket.  Isn’t this towel stunning?  Both the colors, and the artwork, are amazing!  You sure won’t be losing sight of this towel on the beach!  It normally sells for $50, but right now you can grab it for only $12!

Click Here To Shop.

beach towel
Positano Beach Towel: Reg: $50  Sale: $12

Have you noticed Tassels are very ‘in’ this summer?  I see them in every shop I walk into!  I love this Tassel Necklace because it is convertible!  It can easily be worn as a necklace, and as a wrap bracelet!  (That pink cord choker is also on sale!)  Click Here to see more.

Tassel Convertible Necklace + Bracelet.  Reg: $45  Sale: $22

This open collar necklace is probably my favorite piece that is currently on sale!  I tend to like bold statement pieces, and also pieces that don’t look like anything else.  Who wants 100 necklaces that all look the same?  The great thing about this piece (besides the fact that it is 60% off) is that its convertible.  You can wear it backwards or forwards! Click Here to see more.

open collar
Capri Convertible Open Collar Necklace: Reg $58 Sale $23

I don’t really wear headbands, but my oldest daughter does, and there is just something simple and chic about this piece.  It is probably the pearls that sell it for me.  It is also one of those pieces that can be worn casually during the day, or paired with a dress for date night.  Click here to see more.

Souviens Threaded Pearl Headband: Reg $58 Sale $23

I wear my hair pulled up, on a pretty regular basis. (#momlife).  The fact that Chloe + Isabel has started making ponytail (and bun) hair accessories, is making me really happy.  Now when I throw my hair up into a quick ponytail, I can add a little more ‘style’ to it.  I don’t really see a downside to that.  Plus, look how cute it is!  Click Here to see more.

pony tail
Souviens Deco Insignia Ponytail Tie: Reg $38 Sale$15

I love to change out my phone case, sometimes on a monthly basis.  I like my accessories to fit a mood, a season, or even an outfit!  Having plenty of options is a must!  This Iphone case is adorable, and perfect for those summertime vibes.  (They also have an adorable blue one, with lemons, but this one made the cut.)  Click Here to see more.

phone case
Positano iPhone 6/6s Case: Reg $32 Sale $8!

Those are just a few of my favorites.  Did you see anything you liked?  If you Click Here you can head on over to my boutique, and shop their entire collection.  There will be new pieces added to the sale, later on this week.  If you don’t see anything you love right now, just hang tight!

Comment below and tell me if there are any collections that you are obsessed with!









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