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Friday Fashion Finds: Atlantis

 I am a lover of Mythology; the old gods, lost cities, and forgotten civilizations.  I had some trouble reading when I was younger, and reading books about these places (both real, and fictional) inspired me to read more.  I now have a small library going, filled with books about History.
Today’s fashion finds are all jewelry pieces I found that remind me of the lost city of Atlantis.  Nothing is over $50!  I am kind of obsessing over that mermaid choker.  All the colors are reminiscent of the Sea.
Check out the look below, and scroll down to the icons to shop each piece!
– Kat
Journey To Atlantis


Bracelet watch

Bib necklace

Fornash bangle bracelet

Beads jewellery

Crystal jewelry
$7.02 –

Spring Street wrap bracelet

BillyTheTree blue ring

NAKAMOL blue earrings

Carolee clip earrings
$48 –

BillyTheTree silver jewelry

Pendant necklace


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