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Back To School Shopping Has Begun!

I am officially back from my long weekend away, visiting friends and family back in New England.  My husband stayed home with our little ones, and I managed to get some time with my oldest daughter while I was in New Hampshire visiting!  My oldest, Zia, still has a few weeks left with her dad, before she returns home, and starts school!

That being said, I have started to shop around for school supplies.  Most of it I will order on Amazon, but I am waiting until Zia is officially home, so I can take her to try on clothes.  It had been 7 weeks since I had seen her, and she has grown even taller!

I was browsing my JustFab account earlier, trying to decide if I wanted to try the style box for $20.  Like Stitchfix, a stylist picks out pieces to send to me for $20.  I keep what I like, and send the rest back.  The $20 goes towards whatever I decide to keep.  I decided against it for the moment, but the FabKids name caught my attention.  I have three daughters, so of course I am interested in kid clothes!  I immediately signed up, because it works just the same as JustFab!

Each month, I can pick an outfit or style pieces for $29.95 (can be more or less)!  If I don’t want anything that month, I just skip the month, and I won’t be charged!  I just have to make sure to log into my account anytime between the 1st and the 5th of the month to skip, or I will be charged.  If I am charged, that amount is automatically loaded onto my account, and put towards future purchases.  Why was I so quick to sign up?  Well, right now they are offering a “First Outfit Free” deal!  With school starting soon, I jumped right on that!  I scored Zia two T-shirts, and two pairs of leggings, for only the cost of shipping ($4.95)!

just fab outfit kids
The 4 piece set I ordered, which you can customize!


Interested in signing up?  You can Click Here to get yourself signed up, and by using my link you will also get $10!  A first outfit free, and $10 added to your account?  Sounds pretty amazing!  If you don’t have kids and just want to shop for amazing things for yourself, then I highly suggest you join JustFab!  You can Click Here to sign up for JustFab, and browse tons of shoes, clothes, and accessories!

Happy Shopping!

xo – Kat


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