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Country Formal

Happy Friday, and welcome to today’s Fashion Finds!  I’ve mentioned before that I am a New England girl, currently living in the south.  In New England, Autumn is pretty much wedding season.  The air is crisp, and the leaves become the color of a campfire against a twilight sky.  It’s a time where the heat of summer finally ends, and there’s almost a sense of magic in the air.
I will be traveling back East in October for a friends wedding, as both guest and makeup artist to the bride.  It’s been a long time since I have attended a wedding, and I am a little rusty on the protocol.  I received the invite, RSVP’d, and scrolled through their wedding registry for gift ideas.  That’s when I saw the dress code:  Country Formal.  What the heck is that?  I already knew my friend was planning on wearing cowgirl boots with her dress, and the wedding sounds like it’s going to be Southern charm meets New England flair.
I immediately sent my friend (the bride), a message asking her to elaborate.  She told me “lacy and cute” and also advised me not to wear heels.  Well, crap.  (Okay, I was probably a little excited to not have to worry about wearing heels to an event where I will be on my feet a lot.)  I figured a cute lace dress, and some ankle boots would do the trick, but I decided to research it a bit further, just to be sure.  I don’t think I was prepared for the internet to tell me that “Country Formal” is a thing!  I thought my friend had just made it up to go with the theme of her wedding!
Maybe you are reading this, and rolling your eyes at me for not knowing this was a thing, but I have to remind you, I’m not country.  I’ve ridden a horse, a mechanical bull, and that’s pretty much it.  If you want to get an idea of how I was raised, go to Boston.  Any Boston stereotype is probably a more accurate description of me than you’ll ever find in the South.  I like my iced coffee in a snow storm, my road rage when no one can hear me, and weird town names no one can pronounce unless you’re from there.
Upon researching the look a little more, I found I was pretty much on point with my lace dress idea.  The boots will be a bit harder, since I need to find a pair that will work well with a lace dress, but also go with the theme.  Most of the boots I own have heels, and are more “rock and roll” than country.  I don’t plan on buying cowgirl boots, as I just can’t bring myself to buy shoes that I will probably never wear again.
The look I created below shows cowgirl boots, because I wanted to be true to “Country Formal.”  I made a day look, and a night look, for those of you who are also interested in shopping this style.  Both looks would be perfect for Fall!  I absolutely love the purple lace dress from Amazon, but looks like they don’t currently have that color in stock.  You can’t beat the price though, only $25!  I added a western belt with the night look, because I felt that a fit and flare style dress looks better with one.  It helps define the waistline.  Both jackets are denim, because even in all my research, most outfits I saw were paired with a denim jacket.  I tried to stay true to the style, even if it isn’t entirely my style.  The boots are probably the most expensive items (and the purse paired with the day outfit), but I tried to keep everything else under $100.
I hope you enjoyed today’s fashion finds!  Comment below if you have heard of country formal, or if you are new to term as I am!
xo Kat
Country Formal


WithChic off shoulder dress
$33 –

Denim jacket

Hollister Co blue jacket

Red purse

WithChic crossbody purse
$40 –

Rose necklace

Gold hoop earrings

Apt 9 belt

Palette eyeshadow
$18 –

Huda Beauty moisturizing lipstick
$21 –

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