Hello September

We are barely into the first week of September, and I am in full Fall mode.  I will ignore the fact that temperatures are still reaching in the high 80’s, because the Autumn season is taking over my house!

I had a morning to myself this week, where the kids went to daycare, and my husband had a doctors appointment.  I did my usual Target run, picking up the normal diapers and wipes.  After that, I walked a mere two shops down, to my local Pier 1.  I was just meant to live in this shopping complex.  They have a Target with an Ulta right next door, a Gamestop (to drop the husband off at), and then a Pier 1!  My family is lucky I come home at all!

It has been a long time since I have been in a Pier 1.  This store is what the inside of my brain looks like.  I just wish the price tags were lower, but like most places, you can find some pretty amazing deals if you shop the sales.  Let’s get down to it (and by “it” I mean my Autumn frenzy this week).

First up: The original reason why I went into Pier 1 in the first place.  I love coffee, Fall, and all things Witchcraft.  I was born in Salem, Massachusetts, I read Tarot cards, and I have an ever-growing assortment of stones and crystals.  This cup was calling to me!  It’s gorgeous, and hand wash only, go figure.  To buy it online, you can click the link below the image.  (Bonus!  Ebates is currently offering 10% cash back at pier1.com!  Don’t have an Ebates account?  Click Here and get signed up!)

magic potion cup
Magic Potion Coffee Mug. $8.95

While I was strolling around Pier 1, I was also on the look-out for an entryway table.  I found a few I liked, and called my husband, asking him to meet me at Pier 1 and give me his opinion.  This is our first home, and we both take a lot of pride in decorating it the way we want it.

I was surprised at his willingness to come and meet me, but really, it was probably because he wanted to make sure I didn’t just buy a share of the company.  By the time he arrived, I had already fallen in love with a table at the front of the store.  Low and behold, the same table was also at the back of the store, on CLEARANCE!  The stars must have been aligned that day, because my husband walked in, saw the table, and told me that was the one he liked.  YES.  He also immediately noticed me clutching my new mug, and wasn’t at all surprised.  (I had showed it to him when I first found it online).

Next up, when it was time to pay, my husband decided to just become a rewards member, and save us some money.  While he was signing up, I snagged some of their glass pumpkins.  The larger one lights up, so there was no prying that out of my hands.  We left after that, but I did end up at Jo-Ann Fabrics the next day, and for only $20, came out with a pretty good Fall haul.  As you will see in the photo below, my entry way now greets guests with Autumn splendor…

entryway fall
My Fall entryway table.

Now what official Fall celebration would be complete without some sweet treats?  I haven’t searched it online yet, but I’m really hoping to find some apple orchards and pumpkin patches around here.  It is one of my favorite things to do with my kids in New England, and I don’t plan on missing out, just because we are in the South.  I’m waiting for the weather to cool off just a bit, before I start the Fall baking.  For now, I picked up my absolute favorite treat to celebrate Fall: Halloween Oreos!

halloween oreos
Does family size mean I need to share?

I think I am driving my husband a bit crazy with all of this, but my kids love getting in the spirit, and it keeps my mind off of the potential threat of Hurricane Irma that may be heading straight for us.  Still too soon to tell, so no sense in worrying just yet.

For my final moment of September celebration this week, I managed to squeeze in time for a makeup look.  The little ones went to bed without a fuss, and my oldest was watching a movie, so I locked myself in my bathroom and got to work.  I wish the lighting had been better when it was picture time, but in a way, my yellow bathroom lighting kind of added to the look.  I remembered to take a before shot, in all my motherhood glory.  Honestly, the thing I ended up hating most about my before picture is the fact that I had my bangs pulled back.  (I really hate my forehead).

september before and after
Makeup before and after.

I used the Urban Decay Heat Palette for this look, with a few of my favorite products from Nyx and Ulta.  The gold on my lips and the corner of my eyes are both Ulta brand (glitter tears).  The lip color (charmed) is from Nyx, and I used their red liquid eyeliner for the design on the sides of my eyes.  I added some gold leaf on there (from the craft store), so that’s some of the sparkle you may see.  I had way too much fun with this, and really didn’t want to take it off until I made sure I got a (somewhat) good photo.  My oldest daughter said the look reminded her of Fall, so I will call that a win!

september makeup colors
Side view of makeup.  (Posted on Instagram @pretty_and_practical).

I hope you enjoyed reading about my first week “falling” into September, and enjoyed seeing some of the goodies I have found!  I will be posting more makeup looks as we near October, because it is my favorite time of year to do makeup!  My oldest daughter has decided she wants to be the Angel of Death for Halloween, and asked that I do her makeup, so there will be some makeup trials coming soon for that!

Happy September everyone!

XO Kat


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