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The Ultimate Fashion Friday

We weathered through Hurricane Irma, and I am back at my laptop once more!  Welcome to today’s edition of Fashion Friday, where I will be talking about not only some of my latest finds, but the amazing site I find them at!
Polyvore.  I’m sure you have heard of it, and if you haven’t, you are in for a treat.  Each week, I scroll through thousands of items, saving my favorites, and compiling a chosen few to make a “look.”  This is all done at Polyvore.
Not only is Polyvore an amazing site, but it is also an App!  The App makes it incredibly convenient for me to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, and create looks, all while on the go!  There are thousands of other people on Polyvore you can follow and connect with, and even be inspired by their own “sets.”  It’s the perfect place to find what’s trending, and to put an outfit together.
This weeks look is inspired by coffee, which I am currently drinking as I write this.  I love nothing more than grabbing my iced coffee in the morning, and taking some time to myself to get things done.  Some days, the kids are in a Moms Morning Out program, so I can run errands, get appointments done, and then enjoy long walks in Target all by my lonesome.  Other days, I have the kids with me, and I can usually be found muttering to myself in between sips of coffee, and yelling at my girls to play nice.
Today’s look is all about the days I have the kids with me.  Comfort is key, but style is a must.  You can totally just roll out of bed AND look pulled together.  Just take a look at the collage below!  Chunky knits are the theme this week (per what’s trending on Polyvore), and sweaters are the perfect go-to when you want to be stylish and casual.  The pants by River Island make the perfect addition to the outfit, that adds a bit of edge to an otherwise “lazy Sunday” outfit.  Personally, I think adding accessories is the very thing that makes your outfit go from “I just rolled out of bed” to “I’m ready to take on the day.”
One of the things I love about Polyvore, is you can find a little bit of everything, from cheap thrills, to high-end goodies!  I like to make sure I’m creating looks that are budget friendly, but every now and then I create a luxe look, where all pieces are no where close to practical.
You can check out all of my looks at Polyvore by clicking here.  Feel free to follow me if you have an account, and if you don’t, get signed up!  It’s free to join, and a great site to find all of your fashion needs!  (They also have a Men’s section, and some goodies for your home!)
xoxo Kat
Coffee Break


V neck sweater

Orange top
$12 –

Converse canvas shoes

Canvas tote

Adidas cap hat

Tech accessory

Nyx makeup
$11 –

Olay eye care
$33 –

Eos lip treatment

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