Mock-up Clutch

A few months back, I started an online fashion program through Parsons School of Design, and Teen Vogue.  I managed to get more than halfway through it, before life got a little hectic, and I had to put it on pause.  Luckily, the program gives you 1 year to complete, so I am able to work at it, at my own speed.

The kids are in school and daycare today so I can get myself back into it.  Today’s coursework is all about creating a mock-up purse out of card stock.  The idea was to create a “signature bag” based on a mood board I had previously created on Pinterest.  With three daughters, I decided to create a board that catered to them and their fashion, so I named it “Once Upon A Time.”  You can view this board, by Clicking Here.  I wanted to create a “Modern Fairy-Tale” type board, since my household is filled with tutus, dress up clothes, and Disney princesses.

My mock-up clutch is done in a light pink card stock, and is a simple envelope clutch design.  I added the pretty pink button for closure, and then an optional chain strap, for nights out when it is easier to carry on your shoulder, as opposed to by hand.  I wanted to create something pretty and classic, so that it could easily be paired with any of the dreamy dresses you see on the board.

Envelope clutch Mock-Up

Being just a mock-up, for the moment I didn’t need to worry about any sort of sewing.  The program doesn’t require you to know how to sew, but wants you to understand the process of the entire Fashion Industry.  The program offers you insight into every part of the Fashion Industry, and helps you build a portfolio along the way.

If you are interested in joining the Parsons online program, you can Click Here.  That link is my own personal referral code, and will automatically give you a $50 credit towards the course!  I have really enjoyed the course so far, and it is what inspired me to build the Pretty & Practical name!

The next part of the mock-up is the production costs.  When I made this mock-up, I had the idea in mind of using the pink cotton-polyester fabric I had found at the craft store, and maybe incorporating the pink lace in there as well.  The image below shows you the fabric samples I had chosen (and their cost per yard), to represent my mood board.

fabric samples
Fabric samples. 

Per the requirement of the course, I will include a breakdown of “production costs” in what I think this bag would cost to make, and what the retail price would be.

Production Costs

  • Pink Cotton Polyester Liner: $9.99 (per yard)
  • Pink Lace Outer Fabric $7.49 (per yard)
  • Stitching (bulk) $10.00
  • Closure Button $1.99
  • Optional chain strap: $6.99 (bulk)
  • 2 hours @ $10 per hour: $20
  • Total Production cost: $56.46
  • 20% Profit:$11.29
  • Total cost + Profit = $67.75
  • Estimated Retail Cost: $75.00

There’s the breakdown of production costs for you, and as you work through the course, you really start to get an understanding of just what goes into the making of a product.  The image below shows my original sketch for my first project, which was to design a bag.  The overall design is the same, because I really love the style of an envelope clutch.  They can come in several different sizes, colors, fabrics, and they are the perfect bag to use with or without a strap.  My original design included some flower embellishments, because at the time of designing, it was the Spring.  I adore colorful bags and accessories, especially because I am often times wearing a lot of black.  Accessories are the perfect way to add that pop of color!

purse design
My first ever purse design.

I will continue to be blogging about some of my coursework, so be sure to follow along!  If you are interested in joining the program, or just learning more about it, be sure to click the link I supplied earlier!

Happy Monday everyone!

xoxo Kat

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