Witches Of Salem

Happy Friday everyone!  Today I am in Salem, Massachusetts!  I was born here, and spent the early years of my childhood in a town not far from here.  Now my trips to Salem are few and far between (my last was in 2015), but it makes me appreciate it all the more.  The Town of Salem will always lure me back, like a Siren call.
There’s an energy to Salem, and you don’t have to be a Medium to sense it.  The notorious past, mixed with the modern culture of Witches, Seances, and Magick, all tie in together.  Coming here is always like stepping a little further back into the past.  October is always going to the busiest season in Salem; nothing can sell the allure of All Hallows Eve better than Salem, Massachusetts.  I don’t mind the crowds in October, because I feel like it is all part of the charm.  Tons of Tricks, Treats, and people in costume roam the streets of Salem in October!  You can Click Here to check out the Haunted Happenings website, and keep up to date on all that Salem has to offer!
Today’s fashion finds is inspired by the modern day Witch!  That isn’t to say that all Witches have a certain look to them, but now and then you can see little things on their person that points to their love of Magick.  I have had a set of Tarot cards since I was 8 years old, and through the years have tried my hand at reading Palms, Runes, and Dice.  The dice are my probably my favorite, second only to my Tarot cards.  I usually carry one of the two in my purse (usually the dice because they are smaller, and less threatening to individuals that do not agree with the Craft).
The look below could probably be a little over the top if all worn together, but at the same time, it works.  I love each piece that I selected, for different reasons.  My favorite piece is probably the necklace with the pendant that says “We are the Granddaughters of the Witches you could not burn.”  It speaks volumes for new generations of men and women who are allowed to Practice, when hundreds of generations that came before them were burned alive for it.
All the pieces are priced at $50 or less, with the exception of the purse.  I tried to search for another bag that fit the style and budget, but I just wasn’t drawn to anything the same.  A little splurging isn’t so bad now and then!
Do you have a favorite piece from the collection below?  Have you ever visited Salem, Massachusetts?  Let me know!
Have a great weekend!
xo Kat
Basic Witch


Gothic lolita skirt
$37 – emp.co.uk

Hot topic tight

Miniature handbag
$64 – the-gothic-shop.co.uk

Pendant jewelry

Gothic jewellery
$20 – restyle.pl



Tech accessory

Witch mug
$20 – therogueandthewolf.com

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