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An Egyptian Queen

It is officially Friday, and that means Fashion Finds!  We are well into October now, and that means a special Halloween edition!
It is crazy to think that one week ago I was in Salem, Massachusetts with my best friend, enjoying the sights, food, and costumes!  If you want to catch up on last weeks fashion finds (inspired by Salem and the modern Witch) then you can Click Here!
This week I wanted to focus on one of my favorite people in history; Cleopatra!  If you haven’t decided what you want to be for Halloween yet, this is a great option, for adults and kids!  The great thing about this look is it doesn’t have to be Cleopatra!  Another one of my favorite Queens in Egyptian history is Nefertiti, and this look works for her as well!
I included two different styles of costumes (both under $50), and there are so many other options out there!  I also wanted to include some modern jewelry pieces in the look, because who says you can’t wear your Halloween accessories year round?  (Example: Take a look at those shoes!)  If you have any gold jewelry laying around, you can easily incorporate it into any Egyptian look!  To save some money, you can also use any plain white or black dress (or even blue!) and just add the accessories.
Egyptian makeup is colorful and dramatic, so be sure to check out some of the beauty finds I included!  If you have ever wanted to rock blue or green shadow, now is the time!  No Egyptian Queen ensemble would be complete without some gorgeous eye shadow and eyeliner!
Don’t have the funds for an Egyptian wig that you will never wear again?  Skip it!  You can buy a pretty diadem, or gold hair piece.  Cleopatra wasn’t actually Egyptian, she was  Greek, so there is some dispute to her actual hair color.  We already know that Pharaoh Rameses II hair was red, so don’t worry about needing dark hair to complete the Egyptian look!
Check out the finds below, and click on each of the icons to shop the look!
Halloween costume: Cleopatra


Womens egyptian costume

Gold party shoes


Cleopatra A Life

Egyptian Cobra 25 Inch Staff
Have you decided on a Halloween Costume yet?  Comment and let me know!
Happy October!
xo Kat

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