Purse Production

About a month ago, I wrote about the production of making a mock-up clutch for my online course.  You can Click Here to read about it.  As I moved further along in my coursework, it became time to make a final product.  Using the same general idea, I needed to create my mock-up using a striped material.

The mock-up purse I had created earlier, had to be based on a Pinterest board I created for inspiration.  Since I have a trio of daughters, I felt that a “Once Upon A Time” fashion board would be just the thing.  Lots of dresses, bits of lace, and strands of pearls; You get the idea.  They may change over time, but for the moment I have three very girly girls.  If you want to check out my Pinterest board (and perhaps follow it for your own inspiration) you can view it here.


zia princess vibes


Before the creation of my Mock-up purse, I had to create an image that reflected my Pinterest inspiration board.  The  photo pictured above is of my oldest daughter, reading a fairy-tale, dressed in her favorite dress, and wearing my jewelry.  Based on this, I needed to design a purse to fit into this fairy-tale inspiration.  The mock-up was the easy part.  I kept the style simple, the color was a pretty pink, and the removable chain strap could double as a necklace.


The Mock-Up

The final product was going to be a little different.  This time, I had to use a fabric (of my choice), and I had to incorporate strips into the design.  I wanted to create something feminine and pretty, but I was having a hard time finding a fabric that I liked.  I didn’t want a bold stripe pattern, because I felt that it would take away from the fairy-tale like feel of the bag.  I finally settled on a cotton pink and white striped fabric.


image1 - Copy
The Final Product

To add a little bit of flair to the final product (pictured above) I added the floral lace strip, that keeps the bag closed.  I really enjoy the simplicity of it, and feel it works well with my inspiration board, and what was required by the course.  Below is a write-up of mock production costs, required by the course.


Production Costs

Cotton striped fabric: $6.99 (Per Yard)

Stitching: $10.00 (Bulk)

Lace closure strip: $1.99

Optional chain strap: $6.99 (Bulk)

2 hours @ $10 per hour: $20

Total Production costs: $45.97

20% Profit: $9.19

Total Cost + Profit: $55.16

Estimated Retail Cost:  $65.00


The great part about this course is you don’t need to know how to sew.  I had my mom give me some lessons for the sake of learning (and she bought me a sewing machine as a gift), but the course encourages you to find any method that works.  Tape, safety-pins, glue etc.  I used fabric glue for the final product, and tape for the mock-up.  The mock-up was only required to be made out of card-stock, so tape worked out nicely.

My retail cost may seem high based on the simplicity of the final product, but if you take a look at the cost of the materials I used, its understandable.  You want to be able to see a return for your money!  I have a new found appreciation for the people out there that design and sell their work.  It isn’t easy to put it all together, price it, and hope the buyers will love it!

xo Kat