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Pretty in Plaid

I have one word for you: GRUNGE.  Not exactly a word you want to hear now-a-days when someone is referring to your outfit.  Well, in the 1990’s, plaid was the fashion statement of the day.  It’s a step up from the 80’s, but let’s be honest, neither the 80’s nor 90’s were doing anything fabulous for fashion.
Plaid was originally referred to as “Tartan” and didn’t have anything to do with the 90’s grunge style at all.  The look can actually be dated back well over 3,000 years ago.  Take a walk through Scottish clan history and you’ll find more than you ever needed to know about Tartan.  Now-a-days we just call it plaid (here in America anyways), and there are still those of us out there that can appreciate a man in a kilt.
If you like plaid like I do (maybe just without the history lesson), then you will love today’s fashion finds!  I could have created an extreme plaid look, but let’s face it, it would have clashed.  The key to any look is to not over do it.  (Okay, the nails and plaid flower might be a bit much.  Pin the flower to the jacket and roll with it).
My favorite part about this look is the dress.  I see so much of the reds and greens when it comes to plaid, but rarely do I see purple.  Purple is a gorgeous color for Fall, and a great color for the winter.  It takes you out of the over-done reds of Christmas, and away from the “winter blues.”  It adds a regal look to your appearance; When in doubt, go with purple.
I hope you enjoy this look as much as I enjoyed creating it.  Each piece is priced $50 or less, and you can shop the look by clicking on the icons below!
Pretty in Plaid


WithChic calf length dress
$32 –

Tartan coat

Over-the-knee lace-up boots
$41 –

Tassel handbag

Talbots jewelry

Miss Selfridge beanie cap

Steve Madden glove

Samsung tech accessory

Express belt

Have a Great Weekend!
xo Kat

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