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First Snow

There is something magical about the first snowfall.  Just before the snow comes, the air changes; the night sky is a silky black with the stars sparkling like diamonds.  If it snows overnight, you awaken to a world etched in frosted glass.
Maybe the first snow is more magical in the eyes of a child, because they get the excitement of school cancellations, and they don’t need to worry about driving anywhere (or clearing snow).  I still enjoy the first snow as an adult, as long as I don’t need to drive anywhere.
If you have the luxury of staying home and just watching the snow fall, this weeks Fashion Finds is for you!  I created an outfit that was perfect for being warm and comfortable, but also allowed you to venture outside.  Those leggings are actually velvet, and sure to keep you warm!  I wouldn’t recommend going out to shovel in the boots I picked, but they will get you to the mailbox and back.  If you need to venture out, they are a great slip on boot to wear in the car, and then you can easily change your shoes later!
The jacket is my favorite piece of this look, and only $24 on Rose Gal.  Be sure to also check out that nail polish trio.  (All 3 of those colors are included in the set!)  All the items are priced at $50 or less; Click on each of the icons below to check them out.
First Snow Fall


Miss Selfridge white shirt

Blue jacket

River Island tall legging

Grey sneaker

Hook earrings

Casetify iphone case

Photo poster
$24 –

I missed out on the first snowfall of the season by being here in South Carolina.  In reality, it shouldn’t have snowed at all in the places that it did.  All around me states like Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, and Louisiana (to name a few), received a few inches of snow!  Meanwhile, in Charleston, I watched the rain.  It was cold and wet, but no snow.
Snow is going to be a rare thing where I live, and that’s okay.  I can still enjoy this look, because you don’t actually need the snow.  You just need it to be cold!
Have a great weekend!
xo Kat

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