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Waiting For The Ball To Drop

As we begin to enter a brand new year, many people start to think about their New Years resolutions.  New Years day is on a Monday this year, making it the perfect time to start fresh!  That being said, where will you be when the ball drops and a new year officially begins?

If you are like me, you will have your kids tucked into bed at a decent hour and will be fast asleep yourself.  I know, I am terribly exciting.  My New Years Eve plans vary year to year; I have attended the parties, and danced the night away at clubs, but not this year.  My husband has work on New Years day and I am perfectly content to curl up on New Years Eve with a movie and some wine.

Today’s fashion finds is all about taking a look back at some of the best sets of 2017.  These looks will be sure to make you look fabulous while carrying you into the new year!  Whether you are staying in or going out, there’s a style for you!  All items are priced at $50 or less, and there’s a few special new looks I created just for today.

This first set is a look back at one of my personal favorite style options: Boots with skirts.  (Click the link to read the previous blog post).  For those of you that are attending a last minute party, and didn’t feel like buying a new outfit; this is a great option!  There is just something about a cute pair of boots paired with a skirt (or a dress) that just works.  You feel dressy, but not over dressed.

Boots with Skirts

Sometimes the best way to celebrate the New Year is just with a close friend or loved one.  You can grab dinner, see a movie, or even just stay in.  There’s no pressure on getting all dressed up.  Comfort is Key with these next looks!

Comfort is Key

As an added bonus, check out this brand new outfit inspiration!  Perfect for those cozy nights in when the weather outside is frightful.  This look is one that I will be curling up in to celebrate the New Year.

Winter Whites

Last weeks Fashion Finds was all about being Holiday Ready, and many of you enjoyed those looks!  If you are looking for a pretty and professional option, take a look at this set below!  You can also click Here to check out the post and see more Holiday ready looks!

Holiday Ready
This final look is for those who love to sparkle on New Years Eve.  This look was created just for today’s Fashion Finds, and nothing is over $50!  I truly believe you don’t need to spend a lot to look great; its all about how you put it all together!
New Years Eve



I personally don’t make New Years Resolutions, I just always look forwards to the adventures that await me in the New Year.  New Years Eve is a great time to look back at old photos of the past year and reflect.  2017 was a big year of changes for my family and I; We have enjoyed our first year in the South, and have made so many new and wonderful friends!  2017 was the year I began my blogging journey, and I look forwards to everything 2018 has in store for Pretty & Practical!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Years!  I will be back in 2018!

xo Kat


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