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Winter Blues

There are two seasons I enjoy; Spring and Fall.  I don’t enjoy the extreme heat, or the extreme cold.  As I write this, there is a glistening winter wonderland outside my window; compliments of the freak snowstorm that hit the South.

I was a Northerner for 30 years before moving to the South, so nothing about winter storms surprises me.  If you don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t.  You stock up on the essentials in case you lose power, and then you just enjoy your “snow day.”  Well, in the South it’s a little different.  They don’t have things like plows, or sales on shovels.  Our shovel broke from the ice back in the North, and we didn’t replace it when moving to the South.  So here we are: Living in the snowed-in South without a shovel.  There’s a joke there somewhere.

Today’s fashion finds is all about fighting those winter blues.  (Because apparently it doesn’t matter where you live, the snow will find you).  The color scheme is of course blue, with some silver.  I included a few different looks, one in which highlights some gorgeous pieces from Chloe + Isabel that is perfect for this time of year.  (I’m a brand ambassador for Chloe + Isabel because I was always buying their products anyways, so why not get a discount!)

Look #1 is a dressy look, highlighting the velvet trend this season.  Click the icons below to shop the pieces of this look.  Nothing is over $50!

Blue velvet
Look # 2 is all about those Chloe + Isabel pieces I mentioned.  If you want to shop some of the gorgeous collections at my own personal boutique you can Click Here.  I received that pretty blue suede purse for Christmas and I absolute adore it!  It works well as a clutch, and comes with a silver chain strap to wear as a purse.  The photo art is my own, with the model wearing pieces from Chloe + Isabel.  (Her crown is actually pieces from necklaces, so don’t bother searching for a crown.  But I highly recommend you check out the Northern Lights collection!)
Chloe + Isabel picks
Look # 3 is casual mixed with a little glam.  If you aren’t feeling the glittery skirt, opt for a pair of leggings or jeans to feel more casual.  I would wear a skirt just to show off those cute tights!  But if you do opt for pants, wear something form fitting, since the over-sized sweater is going to take away from your shape.  Be sure to check out those earrings!  (They are less than $7!)
Winter Blues




I hope you enjoyed today’s Fashion Finds, and I hope you a wonderful (and warm) weekend!

XO Kat


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