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Purple Reign

Have you heard the word?  The Pantone color of 2018 is Ultra Violet!  I am only a little excited, as purple is my absolute favorite color.  It can be a rare color to come by in the fashion world.  I will scour racks of a must-have top, looking to have it in every color.  The color that is usually missing is, you guessed it, purple.  One of my favorite zip-front tank tops from Express comes is nearly every color; but not purple.

pantone tools

There is a sense of mystery circling around the color purple.  It was once a color belonging to only those of noble birth.  For me personally, it is the color that works best.  I have porcelain skin, red hair (with purple streaks currently), and green eyes.  All of these features are complimented by the color purple.  Cobalt blue works nicely as well, when I can’t find purple.

purple eyes fav
Purple Makeup Vibes

So who decides the color of the year?  Who holds this power over us mere mortals who bow down to the trends of color and fashion?  Her name is Leatrice Eiseman; and she literally wrote the book on color (several books actually).  She is a color expert; A business guru of color if you will.  She has helped hundreds of businesses in their color choices; because well, colors sell.  How many times have you purchased an item just because of its color?  Exactly.

You can read more about Leatrice Here.

Today’s Fashion Finds are in honor of this years color pick; Ultra Violet. As I mentioned before, purple can be a hard color to find in the clothing industry.  This isn’t so much the case for the beauty industry.  I have been wearing purple eye-shadow, nail polish, and lip colors for years!  I am hoping with the color selection this year, I will start to see more purple on the clothing racks.

I’ll be honest, I was so excited over this years color choice, I set to work and made my own makeup palette.  It took me about two hours of mixing ingredients and perfecting the colors, but I’m happy with.  I call it my Moon palette.  I plan to follow up with a Sun palette to compliment this silver and purple shades with some gold tones.  You can head over to my Instagram @pretty_and_practical to see more photos from my very first palette.

moon palette
Moon Palette

I wanted to keep this weeks’ Fashion Finds look rather simple.  There was a plethora of options from shirts, to shoes, to handbags etc.  I wanted the outfit to be the central focus for the color, not so much the accessories.  Simple black and silver pairs nicely with this color.  I will often times pair gold jewelry with purple; it really works well either way.

I adore the necklace with this look, designed by Vera Wang and available at Kohls!  Butter London has a complete beauty kit out in celebration of this years color, so I included one of their gorgeous nail colors.  I love the swirl detail in the phone case, and I thought the passport holder was a nice added touch.

Click the icons below the image to check out (and shop) each piece.  Nothing is over $50!

Purple Reign


I hope you enjoyed this weeks Fashion Finds.  What do you think about the color choice this year?  Are you a fellow purple lover, or do you prefer more subdued colors?
Have a great weekend!
xo Kat



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