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Have you noticed that Valentine’s day has taken over the stores?  Maybe you are dreading V-Day, and maybe you are looking forwards to it; either way, you deserve a new outfit!

My husband and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day, as our wedding anniversary is 10 days later.  That being said, I’m never upset when he brings me home chocolate, and I always enjoy dressing up (myself and my girls) in pink or red for Valentines Day.

For today’s Fashion Finds, I have curated a few different looks to help you get in the Valentine’s Day spirit, no matter what your plans are!  The first look is more casual, but all about the spirit of the day.  It’s a great look to just Netflix and chill, go out to a bar, or just wear to the store.  Nothing is over $50, and you can click the icons below the image to shop each piece.  My personal favorites are the heartbeat necklace (Less than $10 on Amazon), and the adorable heart purse!  If you don’t feel like going out, stay in and pamper yourself with those adorable bath fizzes!



This next look is for those who like to splurge a little bit for a fancy night out.  If you look forwards to dressing up and going out with your Valentine, take a look!  Nothing is over $100!  I love the body-con dress (only $42!) and the off-shoulder style is very on trend right now.  A pretty smokey eye using the Dior makeup palette would look gorgeous with this look!

Affordable dressy


On Valentine’s day I like to be a little subtle about the day.  I’ll wear pink or red, but prefer not to broadcast the day on my clothes.  (My daughters are a different story).  This 3rd and final look is my go-to “mom” look.  It is pretty, practical (I can chase the kids in it), and budget friendly!  The most expensive piece is the shoes at only $41!  I included a coat and gloves for those of you in the colder parts of the world, but here in South Carolina we are slowly starting to warm up from our brief winter weather.

I love each of these pieces individually, but my personal favorite is the bag.  I love simple totes that can fit my entire life (and have extra room for snacks for the kids).  There is also a matching phone case!

Vday Casual



It is so crazy to think that January is almost over, and the 1st of February is next week!  Do you have a go-to Valentine’s day look?  What is your favorite from above?

Stay tuned on the blog for a special Valentine’s day Makeup look coming soon!  Have a great weekend!

xo Kat



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