Valentine Makeup

Happy Makeup Monday!  In honor of the First of February happening this week, I have created a special Valentine’s day makeup look!  I used white eyeliner for the first time ever, and I even tried out magnetic lashes.

First up; The products I used.

products used


I love Nyx Cosmetics; Their cost to quality ratio is amazing.  So many of their products are packed with pigment, and the brand is incredibly affordable.  I hadn’t personally tried a white liquid eyeliner before this look, but was very pleased with the results (especially since I was applying it over a pink eye-shadow).

  • Foundation: Covergirl Aqua-Smooth in Ivory
  • Powder: Nyx Matte Never Flat powder
  • Primer: Nyx Angel Veil
  • Eye Primer:  Too Faced Eye-shadow Primer
  •  Eye-shadow (Lids): Make Up For Ever Blush Powder
  • Eye-shadow (crease): Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (Color: Love Letter)
  • Brow Color (Used from Modern Renaissance Palette): Cyprus Umber
  • Brow Highlighter (Used from Modern Renaissance Palette): Tempera
  • Corner of Eye: Vermeer
  • Cheek Highlighter: Ulta Beauty Strobing Kit; Color: Champagne
  • Lip Color: Blend of Nyx Whipped in ‘Pink Cloud’ and Nyx liquid suede in ‘Life’s A Beach.’
  • Mascara: Limelight


The Look:

white eyeliner


When I set out to create a Valentine’s Day look, I had it in my mind that it would be a little more vibrant.  I started with the shadow, and once I applied the white liner, I really liked the look of it.  The pink shadow came across as bright and vivid, but after adding the white liner, it seemed to tone it down.  I think if I had done the traditional black cat eye, this look would have been too harsh.  Adding the white liner made it a great day look!

I didn’t bother with contouring, and just did a strobing affect, highlighting my cheek bones, center of nose, and above the lip.  I filled in my brows with a darker color than I normally do (as my hair color is currently a darker shade than I normally have it), and then I focused on the lips.  I started with Nyx ‘Life’s A Beach’ but didn’t like the shade in contrast with the eye-shadow.  Adding Nyx’s ‘Pink Cloud’ on top and blending the two toned down the coral tones.

Next Up: The Magnetic Lashes

magnetic lashes 2


I had originally ordered Magnetic lashes from a Groupon special a few months ago; but they came in damaged.  One of the lashes was missing the magnetic strip, which kind of makes the whole thing pointless.  I should have read the reviews, as there were a lot of negative reviews from unhappy customers on Groupon.  After a brief search on Amazon, I found a seller with enough positive reviews to make me want to try again.

Click Here if you would like to purchase from the same seller I used on Amazon.  (I am not affiliated with this seller in anyway).  Currently they are selling for less than $10!  The lashes arrived (pictured above), intact, and I was so excited to try them!

They are a pain in the ass!  Before creating this makeup look, I decided to take the lashes for a test run.  It resulted in my fumbling around for 30 minutes before I finally gave up, frustrated and mumbling profanities.  Side note: the lashes don’t come with instructions, but you can google them.  It wasn’t until after I created this makeup look that I decided to try a different approach with the magnetic lashes.  When I first tried them, I was not wearing mascara, and I tried applying the top lash first, and then connecting the bottom.  It didn’t work for me, so here’s what I found did work:

I applied mascara (which allows the magnetic lashes to cling to your natural lashes); from there, I placed the bottom lash under my lashes.  Closing my eye ever so lightly (to hold the bottom lash in place), I took the tap lash to the crease of my eye and gently pulled it downwards towards my lash line until the lashes connected.  It’s not a perfect science, but I found that the hardest part is getting the magnets to connect at the right moment.  Once I found that my approach worked successfully on the first eye, the second eye went over smoothly.

with and without lashes
Before and After Magnetic Lashes

I absolutely loved the way the lashes looked once applied.  No messy glue, easy to pull off, and (knock on wood) somewhat easy to apply once you find a way that works.  Sadly, there is a downside, which maybe you will notice in the next photo…

magnetic lashes


Notice anything?  If you are like me, you saw the magnets (and you hate it).  I can’t say I was surprised; this is something I wondered about before I ever bought them.  None of the product photos (from any of the sellers I reviewed) will show this angle.  As you can see, even with my method, the lashes were difficult to attach to the lash line.  Don’t worry about the length; that was the size I ordered on purpose.  I always need to trim my faux lashes, so I opted for the smaller Magnetic Lashes based on the reviews stating it was hard to trim the longer ones due to the magnets.

The lashes looked great to me, but I wouldn’t be the one looking at my eyes all night.  I can’t see the magnets with my eyes open, but were I to look down or close my eyes, it would be pretty evident to everyone looking at me.  Do I really want people staring at the tiny magnets on my eyelashes all night long wondering what the hell is on my eye?  Probably not.  It just looks messy to me.  If I am going to wear faux lashes for the night, I would probably prefer to deal with the glue and have a cleaner end result (because the glue dries clear).

I don’t regret the purchase.  I think they will be a great option for when I do makeup trials on my oldest daughter.  Rather than mess with glue, I can just easily clip these on her to get the desired effect for the photo.  I will also mention that if you have a latex allergy, magnetic lashes are a great option to look into, since so many lash glues are made with latex.

I hope you enjoyed today’s makeup look!  Have you tried any of the products I mentioned above?  If you have ever tried magnetic lashes, tell me about your experience!  What did you think of them?

xo Kat