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Spring Fashion Trends

2018 came out of nowhere; bringing with it some of the most lust-worthy trends we have seen in awhile.  Continue reading below to check out the top six trends from straight off the runway (and into your closet).  Bonus:  All the sample pieces shown in each category are under $50!


Ruffle trend
The ruffle trend has slowly been making an entrance into the stores well before the Spring Collections were launched; But Spring will bring this trend alive!  The layered look was seen all over the Fashion Runways, making ruffles a great trend of the moment!  Not just for skirts and dresses, pants and shoes are getting on board with this trend!  Those ruffle pants (see above) are only $50 at!


Trend: Embroidery
Floral for Spring isn’t exactly a new concept; Mother Nature invented it first.  This year the Fashion world has taken the trend beyond the traditional print and brought back embroidery!  There is just something about a intricate flower stitched onto clothes and accessories that jumps out at you.  No need to wear an entire ensemble of a flowery print; just one bold embroidered piece will do!


Trend: Lace

Lace is a classic trend, one that never quite goes out of style.  It can be found on your grandmothers table cloth, your mothers wedding dress, and in your wardrobe!  It has no generation; It is timeless.  The Fashion world has introduced a whole new collection of lace for this Spring and it is nothing less than beautiful.  These pieces are perfect for Date Nights, Spring weddings, and can be carried over to warm Summer days.


Trend: Bling
The Runways were filled with glittering ensembles and I think it is safe to say, sequins aren’t going away anytime soon.  This can be a hard trend to wear if you aren’t of the younger generation, and don’t have any “fancy” events to attend.  That being said, sequins, glitter, and rhinestones are taking over like never before!  The beautiful pleated skirt (pictured above) is a gorgeous length for any age, can easily be dressed up or down, and has just the right amount of sparkle.  (Not bad for only $32).  Great style is all about the personality behind it!


Trend: Sheer
One of the top looks to grace the runways was Sheer; it is what makes the layered look this spring so popular.  Lacey bodysuits worn under sheer tops are taking over mannequins in stores everywhere.  Another big trend?  Sheer socks!  The gorgeous pieces shown above easily pull together all the Fashion Trends already mentioned!  (Gorgeous lace bodysuit, with sheer embroidered socks, paired with that gorgeous sparkle skirt; oh la la!)


Trend: feathers
Last (and certainly not least) of the top trends taking over is Feathers!  This trend has an old Hollywood sort of romance to it.  Famous actresses in their silk robes and feather shoes type of glam.  Feather’s, when worn the right way, can easily make an outfit chic.  Wear pretty feather earrings with an off-the-shoulder top, or a skirt (like the one pictured above) that has a pretty feather hem.  Just wearing feathers in the details of an outfit makes the whole ensemble stand out!
The great (and sometimes not-so-great) thing about trends, is they always come around again.  Invest in pieces you love and that work well with your wardrobe.  If at some point it is seen as out-dated and no longer trendy; pack it away.  It will come back around again!

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