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Let’s talk designer dupes!  One of my favorite things to save money on is fashionable pieces inspired by trending high-end designer items.  I should clarify first and foremost the difference between a designer “dupe” and a complete knock-off.

A knock-off designer item is going to be illegal to buy and sell.  These are typically items that have been remade in the exact likeness of a high-end designer item.  It is going to carry the designer name on the product, even going so far as having made up serial numbers.  You will often see people trying to sell these fake items for the same cost as the original!  I have even seen people selling the knock-offs proudly, calling them high-end replicas.  Don’t be fooled; this is still illegal to buy and to sell.

If you must have the Gucci name on the bag, just buy the Gucci bag.  There are plenty of reputable websites out there that buy and sell genuine designer items for a fraction of what they cost brand new in store.  TheRealReal is a great example of one of those sites.  If you still don’t like the hefty price tag for that gorgeous bag, that’s where the designer dupes come in!

A designer dupe is going to be an item inspired by the original design, without illegally printing their name on the merchandise.  Designer dupes are totally legal, and you can buy every single one of these items I am reviewing today on Amazon!  Not bad, right?  I tried to select for you some of my personal favorites that I already personally own, and that offer free two day shipping!  (Prime members only.)

Let’s dive in!

1. Louis Vuitton Travel Case

lv dupe
Makeup Travel Case $38


Louis Vuitton is hands down one of the top designers being replicated.  Luckily, the market for dupes rather than knock-offs has expanded!  Right now this Louis Vuitton Nice Mini bag is selling for $845 on the Louis Vuitton website.  Crazy right?  Don’t get me wrong, I love designer items!  When it comes to quality, and a company standing behind its product, Louis Vuitton is top notch!  But let’s be honest, if I am throwing my makeup in a travel bag, I would rather spend the $38 than the $845.  Having foundation spill on the latter isn’t a good look.  The amazon dupe is $38, offers free prime shipping and has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating Amazon.  The reviews don’t lie.  You can click Here to shop this great dupe!


2. Valentino Heels


valentino dupe
Red Valentino Inspired Heels $25


I am a little obsessed with these Valentino inspired heels and I think you will be too!  They have a 4.3 star rating with over 300 reviews on Amazon.  The best part?  They come in multiple colors!  I personally love the red heels, but if black is more your scene they have that option too!  When you compare the $25 price tag to the $1,095, that is a pretty good deal.  Amazon offers free prime shipping and free returns on these, but I don’t think you will be returning these beauties.  Shop them Here.


3. Chanel Quilted Bag



chanel dupe
Black Quilted Purse $27


The Chanel quilted bag is one of those iconic bags that I’m sure you have seen at some point in your life.  Celebrities carry them, Instagram Influencers take photos with them and this bag has graced the pages of all the fashion magazines.  This Chanel bag is also another one that is often sold as a knock-off.  Lucky for you, I found a great designer dupe option that won’t break the bank!  It is currently on Amazon for $27, but could go back up to its original $37 price tag.  I should also mention that the $3500 price tag on the real Chanel bag is the price of the bag USED.  Chanel bags can cost you a lot more than 3K!  Take advantage of the $27 price tag and click here to shop the dupe.


4. Burberry Scarf

burberry dupe
Amazon Scarf $10


Okay, for me, this isn’t even a question of which one I’m buying!  Sure, the real Burberry scarf is going to be made from 100% cashmere, but come on!  The designer dupe on Amazon is only $10!  It has a 4.4 star rating with over 500 reviews and it comes in several different colors!  Sorry Burberry, but I’m going to have to side with Amazon on this one.  I bought this scarf, and I love it.  I don’t need to spend $470 for a designer name.  Click here to check out all the colors Amazon offers!


5. Chloe Bag

chloe dupe
Cowhide Leather Bag $43


This Chloe dupe bag on Amazon is GORGEOUS.  I love the original design of the Chloe bag pictured and when I saw the dupe on Amazon I just had to have it!  It has a great star rating, but make sure you read the description on this one.  It is a smaller bag, and that might not work for everyone.  It does come in multiple colors, and I want them all!  It doesn’t currently come with 2-day prime shipping, but the seller does offer free shipping.  Click Here to check out all the colors offered.


6. Quay Sunglasses

quay dupe (2)
Aviator Sunglasses $17


Quay sunglasses aren’t going to be a very high-end item on the list, but they are still trendy sunglasses that may or may not be worth the $65 price tag to you.  I bought the dupes for them on Amazon, and I love them!  I especially love the smokey purple color they came in.  They are on the larger side of aviators, just like the Quays, and they are offered in two different colors.  I felt that these deserved a mention since not all designer dupes have to be dupes of high-end items.  Plus, I’d rather accidentally break my $17 sunglasses, than my $65 Quays.  Click Here to shop the dupes.


7. Gucci Bee Bag

gucci dupe
Bee Shoulder Bag $32


This Gucci dupe is one of my most recent Amazon purchases, and I am in love!  It was a great Valentine’s Day bag, and its the perfect bag to carry into spring.  The original Gucci Bee bag could cost you most than that $2000 price tag, just FYI.  The Amazon dupe has a 4.5 star rating, and comes in 5 different colors!  (The free prime shipping and free returns is an added bonus).  Click Here to shop all the colors!


8. Golden Goose Sneakers

gg dupe
Two Tone Sneakers $40


The Golden Goose sneaker trend isn’t really for me.  I don’t mind distressed denim, and I didn’t really complain about distressed sweaters but shoes that are already distressed is weird to me.  It is also weird to slap a $600 + price tag on brand new shoes that already look worn.  I personally love the Amazon dupes more.  They come in tons of different color options, have a great 4.3 star rating and they don’t have the random distressing.  Depending on your size and shoe color option, you may pay a little more or less than that $40 price tag I mentioned. Click Here to check out the different options on Amazon.


8. David Yurman Bracelet

yurman dupe
Designer Inspired Bracelet $16


Jewelry dupes are always going to be hit or miss.  That $1700 price tag on the David Yurman bracelet isn’t just about the designer name; quality of materials will play a factor too.  Amazon has some great David Yurman dupes, but keep in mind that the $16 bracelet will probably tarnish pretty quickly.  With that being said, if you are just looking for something designer inspired to wear out on date-nights rather than everyday wear you will probably get a lot of use out of the dupes.  It has a great 4.5 star rating on Amazon with over 600 reviews!  The odds are in your favor.  Click Here to check out the multiple styles offered.


9. Celine Bag

celine dupe
Satchel Bag With Pouch $43


Celine bags are gorgeous, and expensive.  The $3100 price tag listed here was the re-sale value; you will end up spending a lot more for a brand new one.  If the Celine style is one of your favorites, I recommend this Amazon dupe.  It comes in multiple colors, has a great review rating and includes the wallet pouch!  It’s like getting two bags for that $43 price tag!  Not too shabby.  Click Here to shop all the colors of the Amazon Celine bag dupe.


10. Hermes Sandals

hermes dupe
Slip On Sandals $17


When it comes to designer dupe shoes, I always want to post the ones that are actually comfortable.  I have seen a lot of people post the Sam Edelman Circus sandals as a great dupe for the Tory Burch Millers. The look of them is similar and it stops there.  I own the Millers and I ordered the Sam Edelman sandals.  They were so unconformable and did not stand up to the Tory Burch Millers.  That being said, these Hermes sandal dupes on Amazon have an okay review (3.9 stars) with over 300 ratings.  I think slide on sandals are just hard to be considered a comfortable shoe.  If you are looking for a trendy slide on sandal that doesn’t break the bank, these are only $17 and come in several colors.  You can check them out Here.



Those are my current top 10 designer dupes you can find on Amazon!  If you would like to shop all of my favorites on Amazon you can Click Here.  I am not affiliated with Amazon, so these product reviews are my honest opinion and not sponsored by the company.  As with most things on Amazon, prices can change daily and things sell out quickly.  If you find something you love, order it!  Just think of all the money you are saving over the cost of the original designer item!

Do you have any designer dupe favorites?  Are there any designer items that you would rather invest in?  Tell me in the comments below!


xoxo Kat


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