Weekend Plans; Add To Cart

Happy Weekend Friends!  The sun is shining (for the moment anyway), and we are moving further into May.  Memorial Day is on the horizon, and in some states, life is slowly returning to normal.  (Not here for us in Washington State, but we are making the best of things.)

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite finds for outdoor entertaining!  Whether you are having friends over (social distancing style), or just looking to go outside and enjoy the weather, I’ve got you covered with some great finds!  The best part?  They are all from Target!  I’m usually talking to you about my Amazon finds, but this week we need to discuss the amazing Sun Squad collection by Target!

target 1


Let’s Flamingle! 


Flamingo Sign
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I’ll admit, I am kind of in love with Flamingos, and Target is doing some great things with this crazy pink bird!  Towels, clothes, light up signs etc!  If you want to see more, just type in ‘Flamingo’ in the Search bar at Target.com. Here are some of my personal favorites right now.  I totally added the Flamingo Tumbler ($6.00) and the Kitchen Dish Towel($2.99) to my cart!  Yes, I will be using the Flamingo Cup for the occasional cocktail drink; I’m just that fancy.




Fresh Fruit!

target 16
Fruit Print Bowls $5.99

My favorite trend with these summer collections is the fruit design!  (I can be a bit of a fruit myself, haha.  Bad Joke, I know).

I love these fruit print bowls (pictured above), that come in a four pack for only $5.99!  My plan isn’t to use them in the kitchen, but to use them as jewelry storage in my closet.  I think pretty little bowls like these would be a perfect place to store earrings and rings.



First things first, how cute is that watermelon picnic blanket? It is only $21, and when you are done with it, it folds right up into a little carry tote.  Totally added that to my cart for the beach days!  The house we are renting has a pretty big deck, so on the warm days I put the little pool out for my girls to play, but the deck is hot on their feet, so this blanket will be great for that too!

I am loving the 3-pack Food Storage Containers! They come in a fun animal print as well, but the fruit print was calling to me.  They aren’t microwave safe, but they can go in the dishwasher and will be perfect for left overs going into the fridge.  The best part?  They are only $9.99!


It’s Hot Outside!

target 13
Double Slip & Slide $15

Okay, maybe the heat hasn’t hit you just yet (and maybe it has).  We had one 80-degree weekend here in Washington and suddenly every inflatable pool in sight was sold out!  I don’t know if my girls will enjoy this slip or slide or not (they can be weird about water), but for $15, it’s worth a shot!


Just in case my girls don’t go for the Slip and Slide, bubbles are here to save the day!  Or maybe it will be the adorable fruit pinwheels for only $3?  My girls will often times rather play with a cardboard box than any of the hordes of toys they have been given over the years.  Go figure.

Either way, I just couldn’t resist the adorable Narwhal Bubble Machine for only $10! We have gone through our fair share of bubble machines through the years.  My girls love them to the point of absolute destruction.  Hopefully the sweet little narwhal lasts longer than the others.

Just Enjoy The Outdoors

target 14
4 Game Combo Set $30

Summer isn’t my favorite season, but there is just something about the summer aisle at Target that gets me every year.  I love the bright colors, and the promise of warm summer days spent with kids that don’t argue. (Those days do happen occasionally.)

I thought this 4 game combo set was the coolest idea.  It all fits right into the travel bag, and is great for summer days and nights spent in the backyard.


If you follow me on Instagram (@pretty_and_practical), you will have seen that gorgeous blue pitcher in my feed, with some beautiful matching glasses.  They are plastic (so perfect for kids) and dishwasher safe.  I use them constantly!  The pitcher is only $10, and the matching glasses are $2 each.

I had to throw in the outdoor citronella candle because we all have bugs.  Nothing ruins a fun night around the bonfire more than mosquitoes. This candle is only $5.99, burns for up to 30 hours and has a sleek metal finish.


I should also mention that I am not affiliated with Target in anyway.  My opinions (and obsessions) are my own.  I am just a mom who enjoys leaving her kids at home, so she can have long walks in Target all by herself.  I miss those days.  Today it was an ‘Add To Cart’ kind of day, and those days can be nice too.  Do you love Target too?  Comment below and tell me what your favorite thing about Target is!


Have a great weekend! xoxo – Kat




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