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The Pretty & Practical Story:

It was my dad that taught me about Style.  If it looked good and fit well, he swiped the credit card and added it to his wardrobe.  Back to school shopping with him wasn’t about budget, it was about what looked good.

My mom taught me about money.  If it fit (and the price was right), she paid cash and into the wardrobe it went.  My closet was an eclectic mix of style and budget friendly pieces.  When my pants became too short, my mom dropped the hem and added ribbon at the bottom to add length.  My dad would just buy me a new pair of pants.

As an adult, I reflect both of my parents.  I like the stylish pieces that look good and fit well, but I want to find a bargain!  Very rarely do I pay full retail price if I can help it.  Pretty & Practical was born out of my love to find stylish, trending things, but not to pay full price!  This includes fashion, makeup and accessories!

Feel free to follow along on my Blogging journey and enjoy the fashion, the makeup, and the stories along the way!