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App Saturday!

This is my first ever App Saturday!  I use a multitude of apps on my phone and Ipad, all for different reasons, and I am always looking for the newest, and best apps for my lifestyle.  Once a week, I will share with you a favorite App of mine!

I am constantly shopping for my family of five.  Three daughters, a husband, and a dog, can get expensive rather quickly!  My husband is hands off when it comes to the budget, but not so when it comes to spending money.  Cash back Apps have become a life saver for me!  I made my husband sign up for a few as well, because if he’s going to be buying useless stuff, we should at least earn some money back on it!

This weeks App is Ibotta!

Available on Android and Ios

I chose Ibotta this week, because Amazon Prime Day is happening this week!  I think most of you already know how much I love Amazon.  Ibotta is currently offering a $20 Amazon gift card if you sign up for Prime through their App!  Already a Prime member?  Not to worry!  Ibotta also has some amazing cash back offers for Amazon right now in several different departments.  This is perfect for those of you who plan on shopping on Prime Day!

So, how does it work?  It is actually really simple!  Download the App onto your smartphone, enter your information, and start saving!


What I really like about Ibotta is you can link up your store loyalty cards!  Here in South Carolina, I grocery shop at Food Lion.  Before heading to the store, while I am sitting down to make my list, I just log into the App and select the offers I want from Food Lion.  The offers are automatically added to my Food Lion Loyalty card.  No need to print coupons, or submit a receipt!  The Ibotta App tracks my purchases on my Food Lion card, and then automatically uploads my rebates!  For stores without loyalty cards, like Target, you just shop like you normally would, and then take a photo of your receipt to submit onto the App!

If you are shopping right on your mobile device, make sure you check into your Ibotta App first.  You just search the store you are shopping at, and see if they are offering any deals!  If they are, just click on the Shop button, and Ibotta will automatically bring you to their website, and keep track of the purchases you make!  The cash back will automatically be deposited into your Ibotta account in 48 hours.

Ibotta - stores

The great part is, 100% of your Ibotta earnings can be transferred right to your PayPal or Venmo account!  No fees are taken off the amount!  You can also choose to have your earnings converted into a gift card.  (The only down side is you have to wait until your account reaches $20 before you can request the funds.  I don’t really see that as much of a down side, but some might think so.)


Ibotta has this really cool feature called Teamwork.  “The bigger your team, the faster you earn,” says the Ibotta site.  When you sign up via Facebook, other friends using Ibotta can join your team!  This allows you to earn Teamwork Bonuses, which can mean more cash back!

Sound good?  You can sign up by clicking Here!

Once you make your first qualified purchase, you will automatically get a $10 welcome bonus, just for using my link!

Get yourself signed up and your Team together, just in time for Amazon Prime day!  Don’t forget to sign up for Amazon Prime through Ibotta, if you aren’t already a Prime member!  It’s a perfect time to sign up, shop some Black Friday worthy deals, get a gift card, and earn cash back!

Happy Shopping!

xoxo – Kat

Celebrate The 4th Of July In Style!

It goes without saying that the Fourth of July is a pretty big celebration day in America!  To help you celebrate in high style, I have created a few 4th of July inspired looks.  You can shop these looks by heading on over to my Polyvore site.  (Click Here).

This first look is more conservative, and so adorable!  Don’t think you can handle the heels?  Change them out for a cute pair of red sneakers!

july 1
My personal Favorite from this look is the Coke can purse.  Only $29 at!

The next look is for those of you that aren’t into the whole “Red, White, and Blue” look, but still want to look chic during the celebration.

july 2

If you are all about showing your American flag pride, this next look is for you!  Isn’t that top great?


Still not keen on wearing Red, White, and Blue?  Check out this sassy outfit!  I am all about those shoes.


This last look is for my pin-up ladies, and fellow Navy Wives.  Not only does this outfit look great for the 4th of July, but it also would make a great homecoming outfit!


Click Here to check out more looks on my Polyvore account, and to also shop these amazing pieces!  Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

Monthly Beauty Subscriptions


ipsy logo

I love Ipsy.  It is pretty easy to see why they are one of the most popular beauty subscriptions out there right now.  For only $10 a month, you get 5 beauty samples (from all different brands), and it comes in an awesome makeup bag!  The bag and products change every month, and the products you receive are going to be based on your personal profile you fill out, when you sign up.

Each month, after you receive your bag, Ipsy gives you the chance to review your products online for points.  As your points add up, you are able to redeem free products!  Interested in Ipsy?  Click Here to get started!



Birchbox was the very first beauty subscription I ever tried, and it has really expanded.  For $10 a month, you get a box mixed with makeup, hair, skincare, and fragrance samples.  They have even started offering a Men’s box, for $20 a month!

Before you subscribe, Birchbox will you have fill out a personal profile, so they can decide which products would be best for you.  When you receive your box, you can buy full size versions on their website, with free shipping, and earn loyalty points.

Birchbox is currently offering a free welcome gift when you sign up!  Click Here if you think Birchbox is more your style.

Play! By Sephora


If you get excited over the mere thought of Sephora, this is probably the subscription box for you.  (No drugstore brands here, as Sephora nicely puts it).  For $10 a month, you are going to get 5 deluxe beauty samples, and a bonus fragrance sample, all wrapped up in a super cute bag!

Each Month, Sephora is also going to include a BOOK with tips and tricks, a PASS to redeem in store for 50 bonus points, and a subscriber only event that will let you come into the store and play with products (like the ones you received in your box).

Sounds pretty good, right?  Click Here if you think Play! By Sephora is the box for you.

Beauty Box 5


Beauty Box 5 (BB5) tends to stand out from the others with the statement “$12 a month and always $35+ in Products!”

BB5 is not only offering you some pretty nice samples, but you are also going to be getting some full size products mixed in as well!  They also like to find you some “fresh finds,” instead of the same ol’ same ol’.  Not bad for only $12 a month.

Click Here to Subscribe to Beauty Box 5!

Petit Vour


If vegan products are more your style, then you are going to want to check out Petit Vour.  For $15 a month, you are going to get clean and cruelty-free, luxury beauty products.  Score!

They are the more expensive of the boxes I have listed, and they are only sending you 4 products, instead of 5, but knowing no sweet animals were tested on, makes it worth it!  You are even going to sometimes receive full-sized products!  Petit Vour also lets you review their products each month for points towards full-sized products!

Sound good?  Click Here to subscribe to the vegan beauty box!

Medusa’s Makeup


Last, and certainly not least, on my beauty list is Medusa’s Makeup beauty box.  This box was made for those of you that are color obsessed, and looking for products that make a bold statement.  Bonus:  They are Vegan!

This box is all strictly Medusa’s Makeup Products, and is $15.95 a month.  You are going to be getting 3 to 5 FULL SIZE products every month, and they are all vegan.  You can cancel anytime you want, so if you find that their makeup is just not for you, just cancel and move on.

Click Here to subscribe to some seriously colorful vegan products!

Do you have a favorite I didn’t list?  Tell me what your go-to box is, and why!



Prime Wardrobe

 For the last month or so, I have been researching online styling companies like StitchFix, to make my shopping trips, well, easier.  I have three daughters, and a husband in the military, so finding “me time” just to go try on clothing, can be a trial.

Websites like Stitchfix, Wantable, and Trunk Club, are made with that in mind.  Gone, can be the days of searching racks for your size, and trying on clothes in tiny dressing rooms.  This is probably why the retail store market is taking a hit, as the E-commerce world starts booming.  A lot of people prefer to have clothing shipped straight to them, to try on in the comfort of their own home.

Amazon has announced they will be launching a new program called Prime Wardrobe, and while they haven’t officially announced when it will launch, they do seem to have done their homework on their competitors.

According to Amazon, you will be able to pick out three-15 items, (from more than a million pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories), and have it shipped directly to you, for FREE!  Try it on, keep and buy what you want, and return the rest!  That’s it.

This is going to be a game-changer, at least for me anyway.  I liked the idea of Stitchfix, because after filling out an online profile, a Stylist will set me up with a few pieces they think I would like.  If I want a box sent to me, it’s a $20 styling fee, which goes towards the cost of any item I buy.  The downside is, if I don’t like any of the items, I am out the $20.

Amazon won’t have the Stylist, so no styling fee!  Do you see a few cute tops you like, but not sure they are really your style?  Add them to your box, and try them on!  You have seven days to return them (for free).

There is one slight catch with Amazon; you need be a Prime member to take part in the wardrobe program.  It is $99 for the year, and it is WORTH IT.  You get free 2-day shipping on all prime purchases, access to tons of free movies and shows, and there’s even music streaming!  If you haven’t signed up already, I would jump on board.

Click Here to learn more about Prime Wardrobe, and get yourself signed up with Amazon prime!

A Bed Fit For A Princess

We spent the morning at Maxtrix Kids Rooms today, located in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina.  They were having a fun Summer event, and a pretty good sale going on.  Since we were in the market for a new bed for our two-year-old, Fae, we figured we would check it out.  We were not disappointed!  They had music, legos, coloring, and even a scavenger hunt!

maxtrix event
Photo Credit: Maxtrix Kids Facebook Page.

 Their kids’ beds are AMAZING!  I was having some serious childhood envy.  The store was filled with fun bunk beds, loft beds, and even beds with slides!  My husband and I quickly agreed that our toddler was not ready for a bed that she had to climb, but the helpful employees assured us this was no problem, and explained to us the “Maxtrix System.”

The great thing about all their beds; they can be customized like Legos!  The bed we bought today (because, let’s be honest, Fae and I fell in love, and my husband just can’t say no to us), could easily be customized and changed to fit her needs later.  (Like turning it into that bed with the slide she loved so much!)

Photo Credit: Maxtrix Kids Rooms Website

My husband and I decided on the simple and pretty “Goldilocks” bed, in white, complete with princess canopy.  Fae lounged on the bed for a good portion of the time we were at the store, so I’ll take that as a good sign.  We opted to have the bed shipped to us (free), and my husband plans to assemble it himself, but you can also have them deliver and assemble it for you.  The fee for assembly is $199.

maxtrix goldilocks
The Goldilocks Bed.  Photo Credit: Maxtrix Kids Rooms Website

If you are in the Charleston, SC area, be sure to check them out!  You can also check them out online first, so you don’t have to worry about any unhappy children, if you do leave the store empty-handed.  They sell mattresses as well, so you won’t have to worry about making a separate trip to the mattress store!


I look forwards to working with them in the future, for the bedroom needs of all three of my daughters!

Maxtrix Kids Room Website