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Get Fit(Bit)!

I have a terrible habit of not sticking to any kind of workout routine.  Let’s face it, with three kids, it’s always go go go with them, but not so much for me.  On today’s App Saturday, I’m going to be talking about the FitBit App!

fitbit hr
FitBit HR $129.99

I have the Fitbit HR, which I just recently started wearing again.  After the birth of my 3rd daughter, I took it off for awhile, and lost track of it when we moved.  Now that I have been re-united with my beloved Fitbit, I’m hoping to start working out more.  If I don’t, my Fitbit is going to tell me how lazy I’m being.  (Just to clarify, it’s not ACTUALLY going to tell you you’re being lazy.  You are just going to be able to look at your App and see for yourself that you haven’t exactly been productive).

First things first: You need a Fitbit.  It would make things easier.  You can technically have the app on your smart phone, without having a Fitbit tracker.  You won’t get the full benefits, but you will still be able to record basic stats like your steps, distance, and calories burned.

I originally bought my Fitbit at Best Buy, but most stores are carrying them now.  Or you can just order it right off sites like Amazon and Ebay.  There are several different options that Fitbit offers, so make sure to do your homework first.  I chose the HR (back in early 2016) because I really wanted to keep track of my heart rate, on top of everything else.

fitbit styles
Fitbit products offered

Got your Fitbit?  Okay, time for the App.  The App is able to be downloaded on 200+ devices, so don’t just think you need an Iphone (or a smartphone for that matter).   You can do this right on your laptop as well.  Your Fitbit will automatically connect with the App on your phone to show you your stats from the day, and when using a computer, you just log in, and plug in.  (Each Fitbit will come with directions, don’t worry.)  For complete details on Fitbit and their products offered you can head on over to their website by clicking here.

fitbit screen shot
Fitbit screenshot on an Iphone

The Fitbit App has so many amazing features!  You can set your own personal daily goals, and Fitbit will track your progress throughout the day (just make sure you are actually wearing your Fitbit).  I don’t even need to check the App on my phone during the day for my progress, I can just look right at my watch!  My Fitbit tells me:

  • The time
  • Steps taken during the day
  • Current heart rate
  • Miles walked
  • Flights of stairs I’ve walked up
  • Calories burned

All of this, right on my wrist!  The App will track all off this, so I can see my trends over time.  The app will give me insight into my resting heart rate, what days were my most productive, and even how well I have been sleeping!  I think the sleep tracking is one of my favorites.  When I check the app in the morning, Fitbit is able to show me the hours I was asleep, when I was restless in my sleep, and when I had my best sleep!  It’s kind of nice to see just how well I slept, and if I actually got the sleep I needed.

fitbit sleep tracker
Fitbit sleep tracker

Like I mentioned before, I bought my Fitbit in 2016.  Since then, Fitbit has really expanded and developed.  You can now link multiple trackers to the app!  I can wear my Fitbit HR during workouts, but if I wanted something more discreet during the day, I can get the Fitbit One.  The Fitbit One clips on easily to your belt, pocket, or even your bra!  I’m happy with my Fitbit HR for the moment, but I have had my eye on the Fitbit Aria!  It’s a wi-fi smart scale!  You can read more about it by clicking here.  Let’s just say, if you are looking to get in shape and lose weight, this scale is going to help you stay on track!

fitbit aria
Fitbit Aria Wi-fi scale

The Fitbit App has an amazing digital support system for those of you who need the help staying on track.  (Shyly raises my hand at the back of the classroom).  I have several friends who wear Fitbits, so I’m able to connect with them on the app, take part in challenges with them, and be motivated by their progress.  If you don’t feel like competing against your friends and family, you can take part in solo challenges, and set up your own personal goals.

On top of the counting steps, sleep tracking, and heart rate monitoring, the app also has an area where you can log your daily intake of food and water.  This is a great tool to help you meet your daily goal of drinking enough water, and also portion control!  My husband used his Fitbit HR for this purpose, and he was really surprised just how quickly you can reach 2000 calories based on what you are eating!  I tend to eat a lot of fish and chicken, while he is all about red meat, so dietary changes are a bit harder for him.

fitbit products.png

With the cooler months ahead of us, I’m looking forwards to getting back outside more with my girls and going on our walks.  Our first summer in the south hasn’t been too terrible, but it has been pretty rainy.  The Fitbit app has a great sister app called Fitstar, that shows you some mini workouts you can do at home, and tracks your progress through your Fitbit!  Fitbit really does have an amazing app, with great products, designed to keep you healthy and motivated!

Already have a Fitbit or something like it?  Tell me what you have, and why!  Any tips to staying motivated?  I would love to hear those too!  By the time my girls in bed, I usually just want to crawl in bed myself!

xo Kat

Urban Decay Brings The HEAT

I should just tell you now that I really have no self-control when I go into Ulta.  I’m safer shopping online (usually).  I had just placed an order online at, because the Ulta brand was having a pretty good sale (Buy 3, get 2 free), and I wanted to take a look at the new Urban Decay Heat Palette.  The colors of the Heat palette were pretty, but I felt like I was in the market for something different.  I ordered the Brunch Palette by Lorac instead.

Well, I forgot to order dry shampoo in this quick online shopping trip.  No biggie, I’ll just pop in to my local Ulta store after I run to Target for diapers.  I’m going to pause here for a moment, to mention that there is some evil genius out there sitting on a giant pile of money, for deciding to put an Ulta directly next to a Target.

It was a lovely Saturday morning, my husband was at home with the kids, and I found myself standing at the check out counter in Ulta, with dry shampoo in one hand, and the new Urban Decay Heat palette, in the other.  WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?

UD heat

To be fair, pictures of this palette really don’t do the colors justice.  I think that’s why I didn’t buy it online.  I didn’t do any research beforehand, because honestly, Urban Decay has never let me down.  I wasn’t worried about pigment, or quality for the cost.  They certainly take the cake with this palette, because it is AMAZING.  Even my photo (above) really doesn’t show the sheer fire this palette brings to the table.  Go see it in store if you are on the fence.

After my daughters’ were in bed that night, I settled into my bathroom to play with makeup.  It has been awhile since I have sat myself down to create something a little more “fun” and a little less “practical.”

UD products used
Products Used.

I paired this palette with some of my favorite products from Nyx.  I wanted to use a red eyeliner, because I have never used a red eyeliner before, and it felt fitting.  Nyx is one of my favorite makeup brands because of the cost to quality ratio.  I really feel like you are getting your money’s worth on pigment, quality, etc. for not a lot of money.  This was my first time trying their vivid brights eyeliner (in Fire) and it was gorgeous!

UD no filter
Unfiltered image of makeup.  Foundation: Maybelline Fit # 120

The sun was fading pretty fast by the time I was done this look, but I managed to catch some good light to take this photo.  I should also mention that these colors really bring out the green in my eyes.  Score!

The filter game with this palette is strong, as you will see in the next photo.  This is the one I uploaded to Instagram (pretty_and_practical), and it got a pretty good response.  I even got a like from Karity.  If you aren’t familiar with their products, Click Here.  I have been stalking their Instagram for awhile now, drooling over their pigmented shadows.  I’ve had their products applied to my face by other Makeup Artists, but I haven’t purchased from them myself.

UD heat filtered
Filtered image for Instagram.

That filter makes me look like I’m caught in a sunset, and I love it!  I can only say good things about the new Heat palette by Urban Decay!  The colors have enough range to do a pretty day look, and a bolder evening look.  It’s the perfect palette for summer, and an even better option for autumn!

After I got the beauty look, I did have a little bit more fun before I took it all off, and crawled into bed.  The look below shows my inspiration photo, along with the “fun” look.  I’m obsessed with Egypt, and since I wanted to create a golden sunset look, I thought this photo was fitting.

UD heat inspiration
So happy with this palette!

You can buy this palette wherever Urban Decay products are sold.  If you are interested in seeing it in person, your local Ulta should have it on display, allowing you to play with the colors.  I managed to snag the last palette at my local Ulta, so don’t be surprised if they are sold out in store.  There are probably tons of other people out there who saw it in person, and just couldn’t resist!

xo Kat


App Saturday: Ipsy!

I am a pretty avid subscriber to all things fashion and beauty, and when it comes to makeup, that’s Ipsy!  You can read my previous blog post about some of my favorite beauty subscriptions Here.

ipsy logo

When I first became a subscriber to Ipsy, it was just about receiving an e-mail each month, telling me my bag was on its way.  The next few days would be all about me stalking my mailman as he delivered my mail.  The shiny pink package brings me such joy every month!

With the Ipsy App, I can get a glimpse of my Ipsy bag (and it’s contents) before it even arrives!  That means my excitement is to the point where I will tackle the mailman if he fails to deliver my bag on time.  (Kidding, sort of.  The Ipsy App lets me track my bag, so I know when my mailman is holding out on me.)

ipsy july

I can easily manage everything right on the Ipsy app.  Currently, my hair is red, and my fair skin is pretty normal.  What if I suddenly went blonde, and my skin started to get oily?  I just update everything right on the App, and they send me products based on my new information!  Not too shabby.  I can also update my billing information, link my social media accounts (for sharing my beauty goodies), and cancel my subscription (if I ever need to).

ipsy points


Ipsy has a pretty fabulous points program, allowing me to review my Ipsy contents (right on the App), in exchange for points.  These points can be used to score free products!  All of the samples I receive in my bag are available for purchase in full size, and during the month you receive them, you can get them at a discount!  Ipsy offers their own monthly offers, right on the App, that you can shop for at a discounted rate.  Only while supplies last!

Are you unsure how to use a certain product, or you don’t even know what it is for?  You can click on the “learn more” option beneath each product and read about what it’s for, how to use it, and even what’s in it!  You can also read the reviews by other Ipsy subscribers to find out what they think about it!

  ipsy how to

The Ipsy App has How-To videos, contests, and current beauty articles!  How could you not love this FREE app, and a beauty subscription for only $10 a month?  I am probably just a little obsessed, but I love trying new products, and it’s even better when they are sent straight to me!  You can click here to get yourself signed up with Ipsy (if you haven’t already), and make sure to download the App!

xo Kat




A Family Of Fashionable Girls

I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember.  I wish I could say I was the most stylish kid on the block, but let’s be honest, my mom dressed me most of the time. (Plus, it was the late 80’s, into the 90’s.  Fashion wasn’t doing anything fantastic).   When I look back at my childhood photos I see a lot of leopard, velvet, and bright colors.  I can’t tell you how often I could be found rocking corduroy pants!

My daughters are growing up in a completely different world.  The fashion market for children has really expanded since I was a kid.  I love that I have girls to dress, but it can also be a challenge.  I never thought I would have such completely different daughters!

Zia (oldest), Fae, and Charlie (youngest).

  My oldest daughter, Zia, is ten years old, and she has a style all her own.  She will coordinate entire outfits based on her favorite color of the moment.  Purple, pink, gold etc.  I can’t tell you how many times she has begged me for gold shoes, so she can make up an entire gold outfit!  I haven’t caved yet, but back to school shopping is starting soon.

Having three girls, I shop all the sales.  I sometimes shop in store, but I am usually purchasing online, because leaving the house with 3 kids isn’t the easiest task.  The younger two girls, Fae and Charlie, are easy to shop for online.  Zia and I will usually take a girls day and hit the stores, so she can try everything on.

My girls on Easter

I like to dress my girls up in modern fairy-tale type outfits.  Not all the time, because let’s face it, kids get dirty.  Holidays are my favorite time to get them each a special outfit and dress them up.  I was working on a project a few months ago where I had to create a look based on one of my Pinterest boards.  I chose my Once Upon A Time board, and worked with Zia to create a look.  You can view my Pinterest board Here.

zia princess vibes
My daughter Zia, wearing her Fairy-tale look.

My daughter Fae, is very much the middle child.  She can go from my sweet little fairy, to my cranky gremlin in 2.6 seconds.  She will be three years old in a few weeks, and she is also starting to experiment with her fashion.  We put her to bed in her pajamas, and she wakes up in an entirely different outfit!  I call this a mom win, because it means she is learning to dress herself!  Her current obsession is hats.

fae is edith
Fae reminds me of Edith, from Despicable Me.

Fae could not be more different than her older sister, Zia.  Zia has jet black hair, and warm almond eyes, with gorgeous bronze skin.  Fae is as pale as the moon, with wispy blonde curls, and blue-green eyes.  Zia is wild and free, Fae is cautious and moody.  As much as I struggle with them sometimes, I enjoy watching them grow into these little people.  Charlie, being the baby, is just starting to show her personality, and I think she is going to be more like Zia.

boho fae
Fae’s Boho Look.

Charlie, as the youngest, has inherited most of her wardrobe from Fae, (and a few pieces leftover from Zia).  I do make a point to occasionally buy her an outfit that is all her own, especially for special occasions.  I have turned into the mom who loves to have her children match.  It’s hard to find outfits for all three of the girls to match sometimes, because of the age difference, but we still try because Zia insists.

The little ones matching, and Zia having a pink day.  (Zia did have an outfit that coordinated with the little ones).

I recently came across this online boutique that has some of the most adorable little girls clothes I have ever seen, and falls right into that whole fairy-tale vibe.  It’s called Little Chocopink.  They have an entire section of Mommy & Me outfits!

lily skirts
Mommy and Me Lily Skirts

I have been looking into doing another family photo shoot, now that Charlie is older, and we are living in South Carolina.  Charleston is absolutely beautiful, and the perfect backdrop for some great family photos.  I now know where I will be shopping for some cute matching outfits, for when that days comes!  Little Chocopink also carries accessories, to add to any adorable outfit!  (Shoes, headbands, sunglasses, you name it!)

Helena Tulle Dress
Helena Tulle Dress $33

The only down side I’m seeing (and this doesn’t apply to me), is no boy clothes.  Moms of boys will have to search elsewhere for stylish clothing, but I am sure they have their own adorable options!

Have you found any chic kids boutiques that you love?  Let me know, so I can check them out!




Affordable Fashion Boutique!

I have a love of all things Free People, but my budget doesn’t.  I used to work for an E-Bay power seller, and they had racks and racks of designer clothes!  New, used, vintage, you name it, they had it, and I scored some pretty awesome finds through them.

Unfortunately with the Navy lifestyle, my family had to away.  Now I do my “rummaging” online, finding things I want or need, for the best price possible.  I recently came across this online boutique, with chic fashions that mimic the Free People style, for a lot less money!

The shop is called Ooh La Lou Boutique, and you can find them Here.  All their pieces are so feminine and pretty, and perfect for the South Carolina heat!  This Angel Lace Dress (below) is one of my absolute favorite pieces.  It comes in a sky blue, or Amethyst, and is only $33.99!

angel lace dress
Angel Lace Dress $33.99

I am not usually one to wear Maxi Dresses (because I am usually too tall for them), but I can’t deny that they have some beautiful ones.  Most of them have a slit, which is more my style, than the traditional Maxi, with no slit.  I also love that they have a fit and flare style.  The dress pictured below is available in white or navy blue!

la lou floral maxi
Fitting In Floral Maxi Dress $34.99



Ooh La Lou Boutique has a small assortment of shoes and jewelry, which does update occasionally.  They are a small boutique, and still growing, which makes them a great find!  Sometimes you need to find small online shops, to get more original pieces!

Out Of My Skull Necklace $18.99


Click Here to check them out, and if you find something you love, use the code Lalou10 to get 10% off!  When visiting their website, you can also sign up to receive e-mails from them, to stay up-to-date on their latest styles!









APP Saturday: Ebates

Last week, I told you about this amazing cash back App called Ibotta!  It was just a few days before Amazon Prime Day, and they were offering some pretty great cash back offers from Amazon!

Today, it is all about my favorite cash-back App, Ebates!  Ebates was the first App I joined, to start earning cash-back and things I was buying anyway!

ebates 1

Ebates is a free App, that has over TWO THOUSAND stores you can shop at, (online and in-store) and earn cash back!  I’ve already earned cash back on plane tickets back to visit my friends, Ulta beauty purchases, and all my Amazon goodies!  If you think the rewards stop there, then you need to keep scrolling!

ebates perk

First things first, to get the cash back, you need to check into your Ebates App to see what’s being offered at the store you want to shop at.  If you are shopping online, you will want to click “shop now,” and the App will automatically take you to the online store, and keep track of your purchases.  That’s it!  The cash back will be in your account in a few days!  (Or even a few hours!) For trips made to the store, just check the App, link the card you will be using, and you are good to go!


I am home a lot with my daughters, and I am usually blogging on my laptop (like now, for instance).  That means, sometimes it is more convenient to just shop on my computer.  You can log into Ebates right onto your computer!  Ebates installed it’s little logo right at the top of my computer, and it lights up when  I go to one of it’s qualified stores, and asks me if I want to activate the cash back.  Just click yes!  After that, Ebates does the hard work for you.  When you are done shopping, Ebates has already loaded all the applicable coupons for the site you are on, saving you even more money!  Yup, not only are you getting cash back, but Ebates is always finding you coupons you may not have even known were available!

ebates stores
Just some of the stores with cash back offers available through Ebates!

Okay, so let’s talk a little bit about the cons.  Do you see the cash back offers on the stores listed up above?  They change.  Sometimes you are going to get an e-mail about a super cash back day, and find that the places you love to shop are all offering 10 percent (or more)!  Unfortunately, there are going to be days when you only see a 1% return on your money.

On stores like Amazon, they limit the cash back to certain items, but those items do consistently change.   The other downside is, Ebates only pays you quarterly, so don’t plan on having your cash back immediately available to you.  I kind of like that my money builds over time.  I already have a good chunk of change pending in my account, ready to be paid to me next month!

ebates logo

Back to the Pros: There are two different ways you can choose to get paid!  As you can see in the photo below, you can choose to have a check mailed to you, or it can sent right to you via Paypal.  I like to receive a check in the mail.  It’s a nice change of pace when I find a check, instead of a bill.


Interested in signing up, and getting cash back?  If you use my referral link, you will get $10 automatically added to your account (after you make your first qaulifying purchase of $25 or more).  After that, you just go to Ebates before you shop, and Ebates will hook you up with coupons and cash back!

Click Here to sign up with Ebates!